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Nepali Till, Pooza Till

Nepali Till, Pooza Till, is used in Nepali worship rituals. It hold spiritual significance and are used to create intricate mandalas or designs as offerings to deities during religious ceremonies. It symbolizes purity, positivity and protection in Nepali religion.
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Nepali Till, Pooza Till often referred to simply as sesame seeds, are considered pure and are used as offerings to deities during pujas (religious rituals). They are a symbol of prosperity, and their use in worship is believed to bring blessings, abundance, and divine favor. Nepali Till is often sprinkled around idols or used in the preparation of prasadam (sacred food offerings) during religious ceremonies.

Nepali Till, Pooza Till on the other hand, is a type of black sesame seed that is specifically revered in Nepali culture. It is used to make sacred designs and patterns, known as mandalas, during religious rituals. These intricate designs are created on the ground or on special plates as offerings to deities. Pooza Till symbolizes purity and is believed to ward off negative energies and bring positive vibrations during worship.

Nepali Till, Pooza Till are integral to Nepali religious and spiritual practices, reflecting the deep cultural and symbolic significance of these seeds in seeking divine blessings and protection during ceremonies and festivals.

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