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Nepali Dalmoth 200 GM

Nepali Dalmoth is a savory mixture made with a combination of lentils, nuts, spices, and sometimes other ingredients which is popular snack in Nepal.
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Nepali Dalmoth is a traditional snack whose recipe has been passed on from generations. It's a spicy merge or gram flour noodles and brown lentils brought together with the unique and mouth watering spices.

Ingredient: A unique blend of spices, Rice Flakes, Peanuts, Peas and Gram Flour combine to make this irresistible, lip-smacking snack.
The specific recipe and ingredients used may vary, but dalmoth typically includes fried lentils, peanuts, cashews, spices like cumin, black pepper, and red chili powder, and often features a tangy and spicy flavor profile.

Dalmoth is known for its crunchy texture and delicious taste. It is often enjoyed as a tea-time snack or served as an appetizer during gatherings and festivals. The combination of lentils and nuts provides a satisfying crunch, while the spices and seasonings add a burst of flavor. Dalmoth is available in various forms, including homemade versions and commercially packaged options. Dalmoth is enjoyed by people of all ages as a flavorful and crunchy snack option. 

Where can I buy Dalmoth in Japan?
You can buy dalmoth in Japan at Rara Market. You can buy dalmoth online through the website or visit the store at Motomachi Plaza 601-E, Motomachi Dori 2, Chome-9-1, Chuo-ku, kobe-shi, Hyogo-ken.

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