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Japanese Rice, Cheap Rice, S Grade

Japanese Rice, also known as Japonica rice or sushi refers to variety of rice cultivated & consumed in Japan. It is medium-sized grains that are plump and slightly sticky when cooked, it ideal for the traditional dishes like sushi, donburi & rice bowls.
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Japanese Rice is typically short-grain rice with a higher moisture and starch content compared to long-grain rice varieties. This gives it a sticky texture when cooked, making it ideal for forming sushi rolls, onigiri (rice balls), and other rice-based dishes.

The grains of Japanese rice are plump, round, and slightly translucent. When cooked, they tend to cling together, creating a cohesive texture. The taste of Japanese rice is mild and slightly sweet, allowing it to complement a wide range of flavors in various dishes.

Japanese Rice is prepared by washing it to remove excess starch, then cooking it in a rice cooker or on the stovetop using the appropriate ratio of water to rice. The cooked rice is often enjoyed plain or used as a base for various toppings, sauces, or side dishes.

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