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Green Cardamom Powder, Alaichi Dhulo

Green cardamom powder is a finely ground spice made from the seeds of green cardamom pods. Green cardamom powder is a popular ingredient in baking, desserts, curries, and beverages like chai tea.
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Flavor and Aroma: Green cardamom powder has a distinct, aromatic, and slightly sweet flavor. It carries notes of citrus, mint, and floral undertones, adding a refreshing and exotic taste to dishes.
Culinary Uses: Green cardamom powder is widely used in cooking and baking. It is a popular spice in both sweet and savory recipes, including desserts, beverages, curries, rice dishes, and spice blends. It imparts a unique flavor and aroma to dishes, enhancing their overall taste profile.
Medicinal Uses: Green cardamom powder is believed to have potential health benefits. It is used in traditional medicine for its digestive properties, promoting healthy digestion and alleviating digestive issues. It is also considered a natural breath freshener and is often chewed after meals.
Cultural Significance: Green cardamom has a rich cultural history and is highly regarded in many cuisines. It is associated with hospitality, warmth, and celebration, often used in traditional dishes and festive recipes.

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