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Gahat Beans

Gahat beans have a distinct, earthy flavor and a slightly nutty taste. Gahat beans are known for their ability to withstand harsh climates and are often consumed during the winter season to provide warmth and energy.
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Gahat beans have a distinct, earthy flavor and a slightly nutty taste. They have a dense and firm texture even after cooking, which makes them suitable for soups, stews, and curries.

Culinary Uses: Gahat beans are used in various traditional dishes in the Himalayan region. They are commonly used to make a thick soup or dal called "Gahat ki dal." This dal is often seasoned with spices and served with rice or roti. Gahat beans can also be used in salads, stir-fries, and sprouted for added nutritional value.
Preparation: Before cooking, Gahat beans need to be soaked for a few hours or overnight to soften them and reduce cooking time. After soaking, they can be cooked by boiling or pressure cooking until they become tender. The cooking time can vary, but it typically takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour.
Nutritional Benefits: Gahat beans are highly nutritious and offer several health benefits. They are a good source of plant-based protein, dietary fiber, and various vitamins and minerals, including iron, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. Gahat beans are also low in fat and have a low glycemic index. They are known for their antioxidant properties and are believed to have medicinal properties in traditional Ayurvedic medicine.

Gahat beans are a unique and nutritious ingredient that adds a distinct flavor and texture to dishes. Whether used in traditional recipes from the Himalayan region or in creative culinary experiments, Gahat beans can provide a wholesome and flavorful addition to your meals.

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