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Chawla, White Lobia, Bodi 1KG

Ambika Chawla (White Lobia), also known as black eyed Beans, are medium sized oval shaped bean.Recognized by their black dot on creamy skin, many cooks love the distinct, savory flavor.
Brand: Ambika
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Chawla" can refer to different things depending on the context. It might be a person's name, a surname, or even a place name. If you are referring to a specific food item or dish called "Chawla," please provide more details or context, and I'll be happy to provide information about it.

"White Lobia" is also known as "White Cowpea" or "White Black-Eyed Peas." It is a type of legume that is commonly used in various culinary preparations. These small, round, cream-colored beans have a mild, nutty flavor and a soft texture when cooked. White Lobia is used in a wide range of dishes, including salads, stews, curries, and soups. It is a good source of protein, dietary fiber, and essential nutrients.

"Bodi" is a term used in Indian cuisine, particularly in the northern regions of India, to refer to sun-dried lentil or gram dumplings. These dumplings are typically made by soaking and grinding lentils or grams, forming them into small round shapes, and then allowing them to sun-dry. Once dried, bodi can be stored for an extended period. They are a staple in many North Indian dishes, especially in gravies, soups, and vegetable curries.

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