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Grocery/Rice Flake, Flour, Maida

Rice Flake, Taichin Red Chiura 450 GM

Rice Falke is a type of flattened rice or beaten rice that is commonly used in Indian cuisine. It is also known as "poha".
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Rice Flake is made from high quality rice, made into flakes under hygienic conditions, carefully preserving the nutritive value of the farm fresh rice. Rice flakes, often referred to as "Chura" or "Poha" in different regions, are flattened rice grains made from parboiled rice. They are a staple ingredient in many Indian and Southeast Asian cuisines. These flakes can be used in various dishes, including those mentioned in the previous response, such as soft-cooked weaning food, puddings, savory bakes, breakfast items, and snacks. They are known for their versatility and quick cooking time, making them a convenient choice in the kitchen.

The red variant of Rice Flake is made from red or brown rice grains. The process of making red rice flakes is similar to that of white rice flakes, but it uses red or brown rice grains instead of white rice. Red Rice Flake is often considered healthier than white rice flakes due to the additional nutrients present in the outer layer of red or brown rice.

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