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Ambika Chilli Powder Hot, Piro Khursani Dhulo

Ambika Chilli Powder Hot, also known as "Piro Khursani Dhulo," is a spicy seasoning made from finely ground hot chili peppers. It is known for its intense heat and vibrant red color, making it a popular ingredient in many spicy dishes.
Brand: Ambika
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About Product: Ambika Chilli Powder Hot is also known as "Piro Khursani Dhulo," is a fiery and vibrant spice blend that brings intense heat and bold flavor to a wide range of dishes. This chili powder is a staple in South Asian and specifically Nepali cuisine, where it plays a pivotal role in adding spiciness and depth of flavor to various recipes.
Production: Ambika Chilli Powder Hot is typically made from dried hot chili peppers. These peppers are carefully selected for their intense heat and are sun-dried to preserve their flavor and color. After drying, the peppers are ground into a fine powder, resulting in the creation of this potent spice.
Flavor and Heat: The defining characteristic of this chili powder is its intense heat. It packs a punch that can range from moderately spicy to extremely hot, depending on the type of chili peppers used and the specific blend. The heat of Ambika Chilli Powder Hot is what makes it a favorite among those who enjoy spicy foods. It can add a fiery kick to any dish, elevating its flavor profile.
Culinary Uses: Ambika Chilli Powder Hot is a versatile spice that finds its way into a wide variety of dishes. Here are some common culinary uses:
Curries: It is a key ingredient in many curry recipes, adding heat and color to dishes like chicken curry, vegetable curry, and lentil curry.
Sauces and Marinades: It is often used to make spicy sauces, marinades, and chutneys, enhancing the overall flavor and spiciness.
Stir-Fries: A pinch of this chili powder can transform a simple stir-fry into a spicy and flavorful delight.
Snacks: It is used as a seasoning for snacks like roasted nuts, popcorn, and potato chips to give them a spicy twist.
Pickles: Ambika Chilli Powder Hot is a common ingredient in making hot and tangy pickles, popular in South Asian cuisine.
Meat and Seafood: It is used as a rub or seasoning for meat and seafood dishes, adding a fiery kick to barbecue, grilled, or roasted preparations.
Nepali Cuisine: In Nepali cuisine, it is a fundamental ingredient used in traditional dishes like momo (dumplings), sukuti (dried meat), and various chutneys.

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