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Ama ko Achar, Hot & Spicy Lapsi Pickle 400 Gm

Ama Hot and Spicy Lapsi Pickle is made by marinating Lapsi fruit in a mixture of spices, including red chili powder, turmeric powder, fenugreek seeds, mustard seeds, and salt. The fruit is typically sliced or diced and mixed with the spice blend to infuse the flavors.
Brand: Aama ko Achar
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Ama ko Achar, Hot & Spicy Lapsi Pickle, is a staple condiment in Nepali households, featuring raw green lapsi combined with spices and oil. Its tangy and spicy flavor profile makes it a versatile accompaniment enjoyed with rice, lentils, and other main dishes, showcasing the rich culinary heritage of Nepal.

Hot & Spicy Lapsi Pickle is another flavorful delight in Nepali cuisine. Made from lapsi, a tropical fruit native to the Himalayan region, this pickle offers a unique blend of sweetness and heat. The infusion of spices and the bold flavor of lapsi create a distinctive condiment that adds a zesty kick to the Nepali dining experience.

Aama ko Achar and Hot & Spicy Lapsi Pickle exemplify the diverse and vibrant array of pickles in Nepali gastronomy. These traditional condiments not only enhance the taste of meals but also showcase the creativity and regional variations in Nepali culinary traditions.

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